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About Indifoot.

A digital republic nation - Made by & for the fans of this beautiful game The Football Republic of India - The Digital Nation "For the fans and by the fans"

Indifoot is the brainchild of your fellow football fanatics. We football fans are a closely knit community BUT a fragmented one. An elevated platform and a strong interactive community is the need of the hour

Football in India is on the verge of take-off. With the Fifa U-17 WC in 2017 and the focus of the masses shifting from cricket to other sports, the unlocked potential of football in India is about to explode.

With our Honorable Prime Minister kicking off the Mission XI Million to turn India into a footballing superpower, we want to play a part, big or small, to realize this dream.

Like fellow football fans, it is a dream we identify with and vehemently support.

The idea behind INDIFoot is to build one holistic digital football community. A digital republic nation - Made by & for the fans of this beautiful game

Who We Are?

Indifoot is the brainchild of your fellow football fanatics. We Indian football fans are part of a proud community BUT a fragmented one. An elevated platform and a strong interactive community is the need of the hour.

Every Indian football fan has one common dream; the holy grail: India Football Team in the World Championships. This is a dream we sincerely believe in and vehemently support. This is the goal that keeps Indifoot ticking.

What we do

We offer a holistic platform to foster this community and hand the reins to YOU to shape the footballing future of this great nation. From sporting events to consulting, talent scouting to contract and PR management, screenings to fan get-together, and much more; we cover the entire gamut of activities related to this beautiful game.

Our Modus Operandi

  • Football tournaments to provide a platform to put your talent on the show – Have the opportunity to be scouted and groomed by the best coaches.
  • Consulting by our panel of experts – Take your tournaments and academies to the next level with our experience and innovative training methods.
  • A platform open for all to put forth their thoughts and opinions regarding anything related to football under the sun - Your thoughts count! Speak up and be heard.
  • The brief and crisp approach towards news and updates - Updated but not overwhelmed. Know everything you "need to know".
  • Create digital communities for like-minded enthusiasts - Connect, interact and build a strong foundation for football to develop.
  • Platform to reach out and make your contribution to the development of Indian football
  • Make yourselves count! Become a pioneer in the journey of football.

Kushal Pratap Singh Rathore

A big name and a bigger heart! KPS Rathore is a football admirer to the core. Competitive on and off the field, KPS is the soul of the team. KPS is a gifted footballer, a civil engineer, an entrepreneur and much more, KPS dons a dozen hats and he does that effortlessly and successfully.


Abhijeet Ghag

An avid football fan, Abhijeet is the -Thinker- of the team. Laid back and easy-going, football is the only thing that gets Abhijeet up & running. An MBA in Operations and Strategy, Abhijeet works behind the scenes to keep our team ticking.


Deep Kharadi

MBA in Sports Management. I have played football at state level and I'm a huge F.C. Barcelona fan. I look after Indifoot's tournaments and operations. Always smiling and making people around me laugh.

Digital Marketing

Mitangshu Chatterjee

A hardcore football fan, Mitangshu is our brain for social media content and digital marketing. He is highly dedicated to his work and understands the meaning of responsibilities, also a talented attacking midfielder by heart and applies the same vision to his work, currently pursuing B.tech (hons) CSE in Artificial Intelligence.

Content Writer

Chirag Bhattad

A hardcore football enthusiast, who loves to delve into the tactical side of the game. When he is not watching football, you can find him with his earphones on, listening to football podcasts. From curating the content for social media and app to writing blogs, Chirag does a little bit of everything and is the “do-it-all” of our team. In his free time he is also graduating from IITM.


Parth Chaudhari

Bombard him with all your creative thoughts and ideas and Parth will find a way to make solid content out of them. Parth is the guy who executes all our crazy ideas and does so with unbelievable results. Parth is a movie buff and when he is not churning out awesome content, you will find him catching up with the latest movies.

Tech Lead

Mayur Padshala

Our very own ‘Know-it-all’ techie, Mayur is the driving force behind all our technical ventures. Any technical puzzle under the sun, Mayur has an innovative solution to it. The smooth functioning of the platform and numerous improvements we make are the handiwork of Mayur.


Check out some of our Client Reviews
  • Firstly, we would like to appreciate the wonderful idea of Baby League, organized by Indifoot. India by and large is a country with wonderful opportunities for sports like cricket, tennis etc. but your initiative has reduced the massive void for football. It was much required to promote football in India as we have immense talent here, which goes unrecognized.

    Aryamaan Pillai
  • we as parents appreciate the management part too. Timely starting, clean and clear ground, official referees, lighting and washroom facilities, encouragement and support from members, enough breaks and planning for young kids, healthy and happy environment and at end refreshments...All Awesome! I also appreciate the regular updates of Baby League app. Especially for the upcoming matches and scores. It was just wonderful experience at the Baby League matches. Ohm Parikh was too excited and satisfied with matches and his performance. Thank you.

    Dr Jolly Parikh
  • The event was managed in extremely amazing manner. There was a break of a week between matches, so player can work more upon their strengths, weaknesses and team play coordination. The Indifoot’s managing team made sure players needs were looked upon… providing team Jerseys, refreshments for players after every match, First-aid arrangements are some of the highlights. They made sure that each match was kicked off on the time it was scheduled to. Updating their digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram with latest scores, top scoring players, team standing tables kept the enthusiasm alive among the kids and the parents.

  • I just wanted to end my note by saying thank you for ABL and that I think what you are doing with Ahmedabad’s Football culture is a wonderful thing, something I will be very happy to be a part of and support. Hats off to you for a great achievement and you should be proud. Looking forward to many more events from INDIFOOT.

    Nehal Khabiya