Sylvester Peter, is the heart and soul behind the My Angels academy(MAA). Football Coach, Motivational Speaker , Holistic trainer and counselor by profession, he has been working for the welfare of underprivileged children since the age of 13 yrs. For past several years, he has been running this academy mainly using his own earnings and help of few friends. At present 100+ children from 3-20 yrs of age group attend the academy. Sylvester chooses to call these children "Angels" as he believes that children are the most divine creatures. The main cornerstone of MAA is "Love" that Sylvester has for these children. It is through Love only that Sylvester was able to reform these children from rag pickers ,beggars and pretty thieves to children of dignity, honesty and respect. Meditation, Academics and Athletics (MAA) are three major tools which are used at academy apart from other activities like dance, drawing and acrobatics. To support the cause certified football coaches give training to the privileged children who contribute for the benefit of other 'Angels'

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