Barcelona FC - Life after the departure of Neymar

Barcelona FC - Life after the departure of Neymar


         It  was  the sad day for a Barcelona FC fan when Neymar departed for PSG.


         There was a drastic effect on Barcelona attack as you could see they lost the Spanish super cup to real Madrid as there was no balance on the right wing. As days passed Barca’s new manager Ernesto Valverde tired various things like trying a  4-3-3 formations putting Messi as a false 9 in support of wings which were played by Suarez and Delfou. The formation was played by Barca last in 2013 with David Villa and Sanchez on the wings and Messi as the false 9. Using the tatic helped Barca with Messi getting many goals also making him the top scorer of La Liga supported by an amazing midfield. Delfou is an amazing player with fantastic speed which Neymar had in abundance but he lacks the decision making in the final third and the finishing as well. Suarez struggled as well as he tried to be another David Villa but the pace and finishing from wide didn’t suit his style.



         Valverde resorted to new formations like 4-4-2 playing Iniesta and Delfou on wings and two strikers up top - Messi and Suarez. This did not help as it use forced Messi to come down in midfield and limited the attack as the entire pressure came on to Suarez. Barca again shifted to 4-3-3 with a false 9 putting Paulhino as the false striker which got Messi the free space. Messi formed a fantastic partnership with the Brazillan. Barca do struggle with Neymar’s departure but that has made them stronger and less dependent on the wings. They now play more freely and their fantastic tiki taka continues albeit with a different setup. They can possible improve by sticking to the 4-3-3 putting Dembele on the wing, Suarez in the centre and Messi free to roam and pull the stings and run the game.


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