Borussia Dortmund eager to form partnership with an Indian club

Borussia Dortmund eager to form partnership with an Indian club


New Delhi: German league giants Borussia Dortmund managing director Carsten Cramer claimed on Monday that the club is looking forward to forming partnership with an Indian club and is looking to make a decision very soon.


            Meanwhile, Dortmund is also planning to play some legends team's exhibition football matches in India which can be held possibly by next year.


            "Legends game is something that we are planning. It is the target to be present with the legend game latest by next year and then we have to discuss where to go," club managing director Cramer said to the media. 


            "Now, we have to take the decision when and whom to play. Do we play against a local legend team or we play against another international legend team, these are the things that need to be discussed."


            As for the Indian market, he said: "At the moment, we are very ambitious. We would try to reach as many people as possible in India. The crowd needs to be there. It doesn't make sense to play in a small stadium with 3-4,000 people. We want to see the craziness of people in India. So, this has to be well prepared and it will take some time."


            The two-time Bundesliga champion club has already signed partnerships irks of Asian clubs Buriram United of Thailand, Warriors FC of Singapore, China's Shandong Luneng and Johor Darul Tazkim of Malaysia.


            When asked about if Dortmund is in talks with any of the clubs in the country, he said: "Yes, I myself visited two clubs. I don't want to talk about things which are not signed yet."


            "Our business is not done by rumours. It has to be done by facts. So, I wouldn't bring more rumours on the table. But yes, we are talking to clubs and will make a decision about taking the right approach."


            But he made it clear that they will not be making investments in any of the Indian clubs. "This is something for sure. We are not looking for investors and we will also not become investors," he pointed.


            The German club has already announced that their first team will travel to Asia next season for pre-season tours and India is likely to be a part of its destinations.


            "India is an interesting market. The ISL is well established and the attendance is growing," said Cramer.


            Talking about the approach towards the Indian market, he said: "We want to do it (to reach out to the Indian football market) in a way that it fits the Indian people. We will try to establish grassroots initiatives."


            "We will try to reach the kids who are interested in playing football. Collaborations with schools, public institutions, try to send coaches from Dortmund to some areas where we might collaborate with, ask the broadcaster in India to extend the publication of Bundesliga games."


            "So, it's a list of different measures, each of the measures are very small but many of them can have some impact in the relation to the Indian people. And maybe as a highlight then -- but this will take some years -- the visit of our team," he added.

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