BREAKING NEWS: Real Madrid sign FC Porto defender Eder Militao

BREAKING NEWS: Real Madrid sign FC Porto defender Eder Militao


            Real Madrid have been in stealth mode this week. They first pulled off a major coup by re-appointing Zinedine Zidane in a shocking move, firing Santiago Solari just 5 months into his tenure. Zidane was Brough back to the Real Madrid top job just 10 months after resigning, citing a need for a break. It looks like his break is over and he is back with even more authority and even more power.


            And Zidane’s tenure has began on a bright and positive note even before playing a single game under him. Real Madrid today announced the signing of 21-year old, highly rated, Brazilian centre-back Eder Militao from FC Porto. The young Brazilian had only landed in FC Porto 8 months ago, but such has been his consistency that the ball playing defender has landed arguably his biggest career move just 8 months into his European adventure.


            Eder Militao has been described as a lanky, muscular, ball playing centre-back with maturity way beyond his age. The 21 year old originally played as a right-back at Sao Paulo, but was signed as a centre-back by FC Porto. He is commanding in the air, has a brilliant sense of positioning and rarely makes mistakes, which is huge for a 21 year old.


            In just 8 months, he has been described as one of the best centre-backs to play in Portugal in this generation. That’s a big compliment, given players like David Luiz, Antonio Rudiger, Pepe and Nicolas Otamendi have plied their trade in Portugal down the years. Militao has been bought as a centre-back, and he will be looking to replace the aging and divisive Sergio Ramos in the first team.


            Here is the official statement made by Real Madrid announcing the signing of Eder Militao:


“Real Madrid C. F. and FC Porto have agreed the transfer of Éder Militão and the player will sign on a six-year contract running until the 30th of June 2025”

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