One of the most infuriating things about football is the keyboard warriors and haters online, on sites like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube who seem to think that they know more about football than anyone else and that their opinion is all that matters. 

Many of these online "football pundits" speak from a place of bias and watching their statements gain attention and support can be triggering and annoying. 

YouTube, the most popular video sharing site in the world, has a host of such experts. Coming across channels or series on YouTube that put out genuinely good football related content is really hard. 

Therefore, here are six YouTube channels/series you need to watch right now. They range from actually good analysis videos to series that know not to take themselves of football too seriously at times. 

#6 HITC Sport

I love this channel. Like many others on this list to come, this channel seems to contain the perfect ratio of humour, knowledge and stupidity to make it enjoyable to watch. They make videos on a range of topics from funny reaction videos to skits to just generally covering  current issues in football. If you're ever in the mood to partake in some mindless comedy and football, this is the channel you should turn to.

#5 Tifo Football

This is the channel I go to when I wanna feel knowledgeable and powerful. It answers questions you never even knew needed answering in short,sweet videos such as "Who invented the red card"; it also makes videos about the tactical side of football, the transfers and of course current affairs in football. An absolutely fascinating channel.

#4 COPA90 Stories. 

This channel is relatively less obscure as compared to the above too. It certainly has more subscribers, and for good reason. While, like the other channels, it deals with current football issues, COPA90 is more focused on covering stories about football that don't get as much attention from the leagues and nations outside the top 5. In addition, it adds a refreshing touch to everything by going to these locations to shoot and talk to the locals etc. This gives the channel a more serious and journalistic feel and perfectly portrays the message they seem to want to put out there - of the global unity and appeal of football. I must admit, I developed a soft spot for them ever since they covered the utter madness and passion of Indian football.

#3 442oons

Our first strictly animated channel. Perhaps many of you know of this YouTube channel too. It makes animated videos of footballers, coaches etc. in funny situations/ doing funny challenges etc. It's not for the light hearted or the people who get offended easily. The humour is dark, hilarious and shocking, but the characters and their distinct personalities really help viewers make a connection with the channel as a whole. The guy who makes these videos actually does all the voices and impersonations himself as well, which is extremely impressive. Do check it out for some laughs.

#2 "The Champions" by B/R Football

We continue on the animated theme with this series. While B/R Football has some great content, I think it is this series that sets them apart completely. To present a summary to those of you who have not had the opportunity to watch this series, it's basically about how all the players and coaches of teams that have qualified for the Champions League each season live together in one giant house. Don't let the fact that it's animated fool you. The budget for "The Champions" is high and the quality of the script writing and animation is off the charts. It's funny with dry humour and sarcasm, so again, perhaps not the best choice for people who are defensive about their team and favourite players. This series makes fun of everyone indiscriminately. You can check out all their episodes so far on YouTube. Go watch them. You won't regret it. 

P.S. keep your eyes out for some incredible and funny Easter eggs in the background of each scene.

#1 FNG

The top spot goes to a somewhat less popular YouTube channel, but one that has been my absolute favorite for a long time now. FNG is run by a British man named Niran, and while his channel started out as an exclusively FIFA channel, he soon branched out to do other things. FNG makes videos about a large variety of things. From reacting to videos that have virtually no views on YouTube (genuinely), to playing ridiculously funny football games and FIFA in hilarious formats, he does it all. Perhaps his funniest series is something called FTW or Football This Week where FNG covers "the best and worst of what football has to offer over the course of a week". I believe it is honestly one of the best series on YouTube and FNG is definitely worth checking out if you love laughing out loud. 

Oh also, he has a longstanding one sided love-hate relationship with Neymar, so what's not like?

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