How technology is affecting the performance of teams & players in football?

How technology is affecting the performance of teams & players in football?

Technology is changing, adapting, and surprising so rapidly that every team/organization in every sector in every field is now looking to adapt to and adopt it to make their work count.

In sport, and specifically in a team setting, coaches will require all the access to high-end technology so as to help their charges train to the best of their abilities and perform at their highest level when the time comes. This could also mean that they take every aspect of their sport and their players and closely analyze these aspects to come up with the best solutions for matchday and non-matchday activities.

As a result, coaches will be required to stay up to date with all the current technology and be able to afford the necessary equipment. This could also mean that coaches working at organizations with tons of money should ideally find it easier to help and support their athletes attain higher performance levels, as compared to those working with sides that have lower income, meaning lesser money to spend on technology.

Technology in football

As with every sport today, football, too, has given in to the vagaries of time and an accumulation of views from various stakeholders, including players, fans, experts, and authorities, to adopt technology to make the game better for fans.

However, as seen with the many VAR debacles in this season of the English Premier League, there’s a long way to go before change is real, that too for the absolute best of the sport.

Technology has definitely not only had it badly in football, however. The advent of the best training gear, data analysis, footwear, jerseys, and state-of-the-art stadiums have helped change the football landscape forever. Ask any veteran supporter about how things have changed in this regard from the “good old days,” and they will indeed list out a few changes in their inimitable ways to prove the above point.

Every small aspect of football, starting with the professional leagues all the way down to the grassroots levels, has seen a drastic change in the way things are conducted. While not all these improvements and changes can be attributed to the advent of new technologies and the rapid advancement of sports science, they have played a massive part for sure.

Let’s take a look at some positive impacts of technology in football:

Correct decisions made by referees

A cleaner game, improved quality of decisions by the match officials, and a general improvement in the spread of the right choices over a long season/tournament has ensured that technology has undoubtedly given a glimpse of what if. Of course, the required modifications and tweaks need to be made before everything can be called as qualified successes. 

Fans can watch and participate

The fact that spectators and fans can enjoy such a great experience, both at the stadium and when watching from home, proves how useful technology has been in football. Instant replays, more helpful interactions between sportspersons and fans, and the general ability to market the product better have been great boons for the sport.

Higher quality of training

As already mentioned, better ways of training thanks to Performance tracking devices, Sports analytics, higher-quality facilities, and best nutritional guidance provide players the best means to achieve their true potential on the field. Facilities for or players are a lot better thanks to the implementation of technology. 

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