I-league air time to be reduced heavily, promotional activities set to stopped

I-league air time to be reduced heavily, promotional activities set to stopped


New Delhi: The All India Football Federation (AIFF) president Praful Patel met with all the I-league clubs representatives at the Federation headquarters here on Wednesday.


            In the wake of the controversy surrounding the restructuring of the Indian football league, the I-league clubs threatened to move the court against the Federation if the apex football governing body in India were to place the league as second division.


            After the meeting, the Federation realised a joint statement with the I-league clubs, and officially announced that the league would be continuing for some more time before the final shape is given to the new league system.


            Now all eyes are set on the AIFF Executive Committee meeting which is set to take place on 9th of this month. An insider of the Federation talked to Indifoot on the condition of anonymity and gave us a sneak peek of what is going to happen in the upcoming season.


"The I-league will be subdued. It is now not going to get the preliminary round spot for the AFC Champions League."


            When asked about the broadcast time the official said that not much can be expected to be on the plate either. "It will not receive a lot of (air) time, that's for sure. The sponsors (FSDL) are not too keen to televise the matches either. Important matches will be broadcasted. Rest might be streamed online. It won't be promoted."


            Most of the I-league clubs have already given up on the hopes of getting a spot in the top-tier. Now the fight for the clubs is to allow a spot for promotion to the league.

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