ISL will be India's new top tier : FSDL to AIFF

ISL will be India's new top tier : FSDL to AIFF

New Delhi: As the deadline to restructure the Indian football league is nearing, the silence maintained by the All India Football Federation (AIFF) is now causing the apex football governing body in India huge trouble.

The resistance by the I-league clubs to give in to the wishes of the corporate backers of the Federation and the Federation's obligations to their prime sponsors has led to a tug-of-war situation between I-league clubs and the Indian Super League (ISL) owners, Football Sports Development Limited (FSDL).

The unwillingness of the FSDL to allow 'free entry' to the I-league clubs in the ISL- by exemption of the franchise fee of 15 crores rupees and the unwillingness of the I-league clubs to pay the required sum to join the elite bandwagon either has led to none of the two sides having moving even an inch forward and no positive development taking place in this regard.

On top of all this mess, the decision of the I-league clubs to boycott the Super Cup this year added insult to the injury.

According to the reports, FSDL is 'furious' over the boycott saga and has now given the Federation a clear message for using this incident as a reason to eliminate the protesting I-league clubs from any possible entry to the ISL, a clear sign of a vindictive measure taken by the ISL governing body.

Moreover, the I-league is now likely to be converted into League One and will likely be stripped off any live airing on television unlike what was promised before.

Moreover, East Bengal and Mohun Bagan, the Kolkata Giants are also likely to face the axe for boycotting the Super Cup and may be left out of possible entry to the Indian Super League in the upcoming season.

With the intensifying rift between the FSDL and the I-league clubs, the developments of late do not seem to bode well for the Indian football.  

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