La Liga set to bring another club to India this year

La Liga set to bring another club to India this year

La Liga managing director promises to bring a La Liga club to India once again.

On the occasion of the completion of three years of opening La Liga office in India, La Liga managing
director Jose Antonio Cachaza has promised that the league will bring back another club to the country
after it brought Girona to play a pre-season tournament in India in 2018.

“We have a steady communication with the fans. We have our first Indian sponsors. So we are moving.
We are moving but still a lot of work ahead,” Jose Antonio Cachaza, Managing Director, La Liga briefed
the media.

La Liga's growth has been significant in the digital area, but Cachaza wasn't prepared to compare the
league to others. “For us, it was a great advance to broadcast our matches on Facebook and have all of
them for free, but this also means a change in the way our football is consumed. So we are ahead of the
times we're ahead of others. So how you compare [market share among competitors] is very difficult,”
he said.
Besides the league has also worked on the grassroots level in the country, which Cachaza mentioned in his
media interaction, "We have 30 academies in 14 cities. We are working with 3,000 kids, boys and girls.
But it's more about giving the boys and girls an opportunity to play football, to train, in a Spanish way.
For that, three UEFA pro coaches – Spanish coaches – are working with Indian coaches, and training the
Indian coaches.”

“We are working to bring at least another club to play in India this year's said Cachaza when asked if the
the league is going to do a promotional exhibition tour in the country.

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