OFFICIAL: Neymar wants to go back to FC Barcelona

OFFICIAL: Neymar wants to go back to FC Barcelona


Barcelona: So its OFFICIAL - Neymar Jr. has asked his former club, FC Barcelona, to look for a way to get him back at the club. He wants to leave PSG and never play for them ever again. All these are not our words, but the words of Barcelona vice-president Jodi Cardoner, who has confirmed that Neymar Jr. has been in touch with them and not the other way around.


            Since Nasser Al Khelaifi’s explosive comments, the rumor mills have been working overtime to look for credible hints and sources to confirm their theory. The theory being, Neymar Jr. is disillusioned by life at PSG and wants out. These rumor mills have now got a very strong and credible source, which will only help them push their story even further.


            Here are the comments made by FC Barcelona vice-president Jodi Cardoner during a Barcelona foundation event:


“The correct thing to say is that Neymar wants to return to Barcelona. But right now there is nothing on the table. There are many things that I did not like about his departure, many things.


It does not surprise me that Neymar wants to come back. Many players have done it – Cesc, Pique. Neymar is a great player but that circumstances around how he left also have to be evaluated.”


            It seems like FC Barcelona are still bitter about his departure and the way it was handled by Neymar Jr. But when a world class player like Neymar becomes available, you need to put the emotions aside and look at it logically.


            With Dembele and Coutinho failing to impress, Malcolm not even in the conversation and Vidal and Rakitic getting old and past their peak, FC Barcelona need a galvanizing figure to help the team go together as a unit and hunt for the UCL. Neymar Jr. could be that galvanizing figure, with the Brazilian enjoying a trophy laden time at Barca before.


            He played the best football of his career at Barcelona, combining brilliantly with Messi and Suarez to score 90 goals in his three years at the club. He will be itching to get the band back and start enjoying his football again, as his time at PSG has only been marred by negativity relating to his wages, his disappointing injuries and PSG underwhelming in crucial games.


            Neymar Jr. is a once in a generation talent, and he needs to be at a club which appreciates that, plays him in a position which brings out the best in him and gives him a safe environment to play his game. FC Barcelona and La Liga has already provided that once, can they do it once again? Only time will tell.

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