Real Sociedad train Indian girls in Spain

Real Sociedad train Indian girls in Spain


Madrid: La Liga giants Real Sociedad are set to train ten girls and some coaches at their training facilities in Spain. The training is set to last two weeks, which began in the last week of February this year.


            Yuwa is an NGO which was founded in rural Jharkhand in 2009 by Americans Franz Gastler and Rose Thomson Gastler, is using football to improve the lives of young girls from disadvantaged communities and from regions where child marriage is prevalent.


            The coaches and players are staying at Mayo Olarain School and are indulging in training programmes covering all aspects of the player development and coaching.


 "The Yuwa project is very important to us. We have been collaborating with them over the last two years and what we are doing, together with other collaborators, is changing the lives of these young people. These girls, who are leaders in their communities in India, are learning a way to train and a methodology that they will implement back home and, above all, they are learning values and a way of living that will later have an impact in India. Real Sociedad has its fundamental lever in football, but we are aware that our strength and responsibility go beyond football, and this project is an example of that commitment," said Andoni Iraola, director of Real Sociedad Fundazioa.


            The children are also getting educational programmes and facilities at Zubieta curriculum of education along with others at the Olarain residence.


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Image Source: Real Sociedad FC Twitter 

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