Some Essential Aspects of Performance Tracking:

Some Essential Aspects of Performance Tracking:

Performance tracking involves calculation of a lot of sophisticated metrics identical to individual players for further assessment and improvement of not just an individual player but for the whole team. It also helps teams to develop strategies against their opponents. Some of the major metrics that is calculated via “Performance Tracking” equipment are:

  1. Distance covered: Distance covered is one of the most important factors to determine a player’s ability in competitions. It has been shown that distance covered in team games, especially Football and hockey, strongly influence team’s success. An average professional footballer covers 10 to 13.5 Kms during a football match. It has also been noticed that midfielders usually cover more distance than any other player of different field position. These statistics can be used to determine an athlete’s field position, make comparison with his/her previous performance and access that to improvise his/her performance in the near future competitions

  1. Number of Sprints: Number of sprints by a football player determines his/her stamina and resilience potential in an actual field game. Therefore, it is essential to come up with technology that can monitor “Number of Sprints” of athletes that would determine their effectiveness in on field competitions.

  1. Speed of Players: Speed of players while executing various sports activities plays a key role in attaining victory in almost every sport. In football, speed of players matters a lot since the whole game involves passing a ball in the whole 43,650 square-feet of land and putting it inside the opponent’s goal post for maximum number of times within the stipulated time frame of 90 minutes. What is essential to monitor as a part of Performance Tracking is the speed of athletes with the ball, without the ball, and speed while tackling opponent defences.

4. Work rate: Work rates are quite essential in measuring the amount of time a player is working compared to resting. In the game of Football, work is defined as running /walking at speeds higher than 1.5 metre per second. Work rate essentially is a metrics through which we can infer an athlete’s stamina and accordingly we can provide field positions to the athletes. For example, midfielders are needed to show high resilience on the field displaying great stamina during the whole game. Sometimes, the style of playing also play a significant role in determining the work rate. If the playing style of the team is defensive the work-rate might be low. Therefore, the work-rate is an essential metrics in “Performance Tracking”.

Conclusion: These important metrics of “Performance Tracking” are essential not just for elites but for every aspiring sports athlete. In today’s competitive scenario, if we are willing to provide an edge to our future sportsmen & sportswomen, we would require the assistance of technology. But the equipment and tools available in the market are just too expensive for an aspiring athlete. Thankfully IndiFoot, a sports-tech start-up is planning to solve this issue by launching an inexpensive “Performance Tracking” equipment set with the same level of effectiveness as any other product available in the market.  

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