The role of performance tracking and data analytics in modern Sports Industry is huge. The impact of pandemic has significantly boosted their role for prediction and strategies of future events. You might disagree to that but all the top clubs are signing data analysts and performance coaches to identify players ability on the pitch.

While the use of data and technical analysis has become essential for today’s football clubs, it is no longer confined to the big Premier League teams. Smaller clubs too have access to cheaper software in Europe and American Continent. But it is still inaccessible at grassroot levels. In context to India, the smaller clubs are unable to get access to these facilities due to the cost constraint as they lack similar funding and Indian markets lack cheaper software and equipment at present scenario. Clubs looks at insights such as heatmap, assessment of acceleration & deceleration, distance covered, top speed, playing time, number of sprints, work rate etc. These features help sports analysts identify players’ overall stamina, their strengths and weaknesses and even the position at which a player must play, so that it gives the team or the club maximum advantage in formulating tactics and decision making. These features are being used by the best clubs around the globe and would definitely enable even the clubs at grassroot levels to utilize the resources and players they have to their maximum potential and even go toe-to-toe against the football giants.

Almost all football clubs around the globe somehow use data in their decision-making but the way they do it and the extent to which they do so varies from club to club. Some clubs use data to exploit the weakness of opponent teams, while some use it for picking up talents at the grassroot levels and some may utilize data for doing both and even more.

With the advancement in technology, we can expect to see much more like analyzation of players’ thought processes through AI and assisting them in decision making, better coordination between teammates through the assistance of AI, etc. Therefore, it is safe to assume that in the near future, we are to witness much more of technology and its role in the Sports Industry.

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