Understanding "Acceleration" in performance tracking

Understanding "Acceleration" in performance tracking


Every form of game and sports evolves with the passage of time. Some changes can be noticed in the format of the games, and some in the players’ evolution to perform better. For example, modern football can be characterized by a progressive and substantial increase in game speed not through the means of format but through the means of the level of gameplay that the teams display on field. Since football is a multidirectional team-sport, players often have to accelerate in different directions, decelerate, re-accelerate, and execute successive changes of direction. To better cope with match demands, football players must not only be able to sprint faster over linear courses, but also to rapidly decelerate and accelerate while changing directions.Therefore, it is highly essential for a team or club these days to have access to technology that enables them to measure maximum acceleration of the athletes.

Messi's goal against Getafe in 2007 Coap del rey is a perfect example

The globally renowned clubs and teams have access to GPS tracking equipment that enables them to measure maximum acceleration of any player efficiently. This feature is helpful in many ways as it determines the abilities of players and how effective they could be in certain field positions. Greater maximum acceleration can give rise to greater inertia and thus, players with such attributes can experience difficulty in swiftly changing directions and reaccelerating while tackling the opponent defences. This problem can be mitigated by game strategy, rigorous training and performance tracking which unfortunately are not available for the budding athletes especially in a country like India.

 However, IndiFoot, a sports-tech start-up is determined to bring about a change in the current scenario by launching “Footrax- A sports wearable performance tracking device” in the market which would not only be substantially economical for the Indian grassroot athletes but also be convenient to use without the requirement of any analytics professionals. This product would show the same level of efficiency as any other GPS enabled high-tech equipment which could accurately monitor the acceleration by an athlete.

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