WATCH: Indian football team made a Qatari boy cry!

WATCH: Indian football team made a Qatari boy cry!


            Football is a game of emotions, not just for the players ,but for the fans too. We have seen numerous occasions when football greats have cried and have made fans cry, in happiness and even in despair.


            Among the big teams of the world, this game definitely has definitely brought tears to the eyes of fans, be it their own or the rivals. Miracles, memorable come backs or heartbreaks, any such occasion is enough for the players and fans to break down.


            However, with Indian football team, such occasions have been rare. For a team which has been struggling to make a mark on the international level, the Blue Tigers in the last few decades probably haven't been able to create occasions that could hit the emotional chords of the fans, until yesterday.


            On the night of 10th September, India played a spirited 0-0 draw against current Asian Champions Qatar in an away fixture of the FIFA World Cup and AFC Asian Cup qualifiers. The Blue Tigers were already on a disadvantage with their talismanic skipper and forward Sunil Chhetri being unavailable for the game due to fever and winger Ashique Kuruniyan due to injury.


            Against all odds, India held the much higher ranked Qatar for a goalless draw to earn a valuable point in the away fixture to gain a major advantage in the qualifiers. The home fans and the team expected to get all three points from the tie and were left with a bad taste in their mouths.


            It was emotional night for the Indian football fans as many cried tears of joy. But another video surfaced in the social media where the Blue Tigers made a young Qatari football break down in tears after his team couldn't find a win at home.


            In the video, the young boy clad in traditional Arabian outfit could be seen weeping as the Blue Tigers did their signature Viking Claps in front of their supporters. Take a look at the video:



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